noun. Just an adjective or an insult to throw around at people. (You boot!)
verb. To start from nothing and become something. Something insane & fun.

A word you can substitute for any other word and it won't make sense but that's ok.

Boot Polissh – a place where one makes up all these things. Like these definitions!! Started in late 2010, it was mistaken for a coffee shop for a long time, by friends floating in the vicinity of Bandra, Khar & Santacruz. Would have continued being mistaken as such hadn’t it been for the brand building commercials the company has done for clients such as – Unilever, Coca Cola, Airtel, Lenovo, Pepsico, Tata Docomo, GSK, CNBC, Nokia etc.

The major boot-up (yet another definition) is that within 2 years of its inception, Boot Polissh has expanded and set up a “shop” in Dubai and produced commercials for P&G and Unilever. Amen.