Kundalakampa – a remote stretch of land occupied by bow-carrying tribals, on the border of Rajasthan & Gujarat….

In an abandoned temple in the middle of a forest, a Director’s Assistant (DA) enacts out to the villagers how they are supposed to act out their reactions towards an approaching demon. These villagers had probably never ever seen a film, let alone acted in one. The dialogues had to be mouthed out to them in Gujarati & they had to copy the DA’s actions. He had to play out the demon…he had to play out the villagers’ part. This was one of those moments when the DA – Ashit Ghelani – figured out that he did not want to direct – ever!

He than turned to his favorite form of exercise – sit in front of the television set 24/7! It was this borderline addiction to TV-watching that made him get hooked to advertising. Short, entertaining communication that didn’t tax the brain & yet made you try out that amazing new cola! The idea of it synced with his favorite theory: KISS – keep it simple & short!!

After 3 years as an agency producer at Contract Advertising, he switched to the other side – the filmmaking part of advertising. And Ramesh Deo Production (RDP) was the perfect platform to complete that part. Being Senior Executive Producer at RDP for 4 years, led to a series of challenging, mammoth ad filmmaking experiences that spontaneously honed the desire to have his own shop. And finally in 2010, the shop, which his friends were convinced, would be another Gujarati jewelry store, turned out to be Boot Polissh Films. A place where other like-minded people who thrive on having imaginary conversations & loud laughter are always welcomed!

With Boot Polissh, Dubai, the madness goes overseas. A small kind of reassurance to Ashit that, 15 years of experience has still not managed to bore him out of his fantasy head-space!

But some times, he thinks that his world of the imaginary colliding with the real has simply only to do, with having grown up as a “Juhu boy”….