Isaac Wee

Born and brought up in Malaysia and moved to the UK for secondary education.

On returning to Malaysia, he joined one of the leading production houses in Kuala Lumpur followed by quickly being sought after by one of  Indonesia's top production houses. 

Now after having spent almost over 20 years in Jakarta, his work has extended from shooting a handful of music videos for Indonesian artists winning several national awards to working on acclaimed work for multinational clients as diverse as Unilever, SONY, Coke, Frisian Flag, Johnson and Johnson, Toyota, Aetna, Citibank and other local brands amongst others. 

His work has won the hearts of many consumers across South East Asia, South Asia, Middle East, Africa and parts of South America.

He believes his best work has been a function of a little bit of trust and freedom granted to reinterpret a storyboard. What he probably enjoys the most, is to try and dig up the original intention and then look for creative ways to deliver the communication in a way that connects with the viewer. Something he believes needs to be put down to instincts. 

Importantly as a Director he believes, Storytelling is fundamental to human nature. And making advertising films, to him is all about the art of good storytelling that empowers the clients to engage and influence their consumers.